Ready-to-eat Jasberry Rice With Roasted Moroccan Carrots

Looking for an idea of a colorful vegan dish? This RTE Jasberry rice with roasted Moroccan carrots might be the best must try main dish ever. Perfectly seasoned and toasted carrot with an irresistible delicious whole grain RTE Jasberry rice are the great mixed ingredients are really going to wow you. It’s also vegan and […]

Italian Style Ready-to-eat Jasberry Rice Salad

Short of time to prep your lunch today? This delicious italian style rice salad made with RTE Jasberry rice salad is quick, simple, but yet super flavorful. You’ll love the flavor combination in this bright and healthy salad when you’re in a hurry but craving something fulfilling and delicious. It holds up well and makes […]

Ready-to-eat Jasberry Rice With Toasted Mushrooms

Healthy meal in a hurry? This is an amazingly quick recipe with just a few ingredients that you always have at home. With a pouch of RTE Jasberry rice, mushrooms, onions, parsley and thyme, you can easily create a healthy meal in less than 20 minutes. This naturally gluten-free and vegan dish can even be […]

Spicy Shrimp Tartare With Ready-to-eat Jasberry Rice

Planning for an impressive dinner tonight? You should give our spicy shrimp tartare with RTE Jasberry rice a try! We want to share little secret of how to make this easy and healthy spicy shrimp tartare with RTE Jasberry rice. This will take your sushi experience to another level. By using RTE Jasberry rice Original, […]

Taco Ready-to-eat Jasberry Rice

Craving for some Tacos? Taco has always been one of our favorite dishes, and here is the next level of healthy Taco rice recipe. By using RTE Jasberry Rice, you can have this delicious and healthy Mexican dish within 20 minutes. Great for a quick lunch or even dinner. Have a good Taco meal!

Veggie Power Ready-to-eat Jasberry Rice Bowl

How about a tasty healthy bowl to keep you up all day? When you’re craving something delicious, let’s try our Veggie Power RTE Jasberry Rice bowl recipe. It’s extremely comforting and satisfying, yet healthy and light. This power bowl great is a great source of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. They’re JUST. SO. GOOD.

Orange Dragon Fruit Tofu & Ready-to-eat Jasberry Rice

Dragon fruit for a main course? We want to share with you a creative and colorful recipe of orange dragon fruit, tofu & RTE Jasberry Rice. Not only full of awesome textures but also vegan and gluten free. It’s the perfect fusion of sweet and savoury that’s definitely worth trying. Make every bite a happy […]

Baked Potatoes With Ready-to-eat Jasberry Rice

Looking for cozy food inspiration? This baked and stuffed potato with RTE Jasberry Rice is loaded with our favorite ingredients; potato, chickpea, olive, sun dried tomato, and RTE Jasberry Rice. Enjoy this comforting and flavorful meal that will keep you full and make you feel all cozy inside. Perfect for brunch, lunch, or even dinner.

Cauliflower Steak With Ready-to-eat Jasberry Rice and Sriracha Chickpea Sauce

Feeling a fancy vegan dinner tonight? This cauliflower steak with Ready-to-eat Jasberry Rice Original and sriracha chickpea sauce will surely impress you. By using our Ready-to-eat Jasberry rice, it can save you from the trouble of cooking the rice at the perfect texture. (Yes, we do understand that pain!) Healthy yet full of flavor, this […]

Tangy Ready-to-eat Jasberry Rice Salad

Getting ready for a long day? We’ve got you covered with this delightful, refreshing and healthy Tangy RTE Jasberry Rice salad. It has the perfect blend of sweet and sour taste that will keep you up all day. By using our RTE Jasberry Rice Original, you can easily get this done within 20 minutes. If […]