Jasberry, nourishing the world. That’s what we believe in. From the rice to the farmers, to consumers, to our team, to our stakeholders, we nourish each and every one of them. This means that we work hard to serve them. We invest in long-term relationships, always with a win-win solution in mind. This is the only way we can be a sustainable and scalable social enterprise.


We believe in continuous growth and learning, both as individuals and as a team. Every day and every new challenge is an opportunity for us to learn more and get better at what we do. We remain humble and understand that failures are a critical part of learning. But it’s not just talk, it’s our commitment. We have created a “Personal Development Fund” to allow each of our team member to pursue their passion so that they can live a more fulfilling life. From learning a second language, to become a divemaster, to a certified yoga instructor, you have the freedom of choice =)

Leading with actions

Creating positive change requires us to have courage, be initiative, and always learn from our mistakes. We always take action and prioritize executions as we understand that’s the way to make fast progress. We are accountable for our actions and take full ownership of our work.

Details matter

We have a saying, ‘Transforming farmers’ lives, one grain at a time.” We’re dealing with big issues, but we understand that it starts with a small step and that while we can get something 99% right, the 1% that we overlook can undo the wonderful work we have done. We believe that the magic is in the details.