Seared Tuna Bowl

1 serving

Want to brighten up your day? Why not cook up our colorful Jasberry rice seared tuna bowl? This vibrant, antioxidants-packed bowl is loaded with a delicious seared tuna fillet and your favorite veggies – swap them as you like, we promise that anything goes well with Jasberry rice!


½ cup of cooked Jasberry rice (approx. ¼ cup of raw Jasberry rice)
4 oz (120g) tuna
Half a bunch (50g) asparagus
¼ cup sesame seeds
½ potato, cubed
3 cherry tomatoes
Scallions (optional)


1. Cook Jasberry rice according to packaging instructions.

2. Prepare the sashimi-grade tuna by coating the sides with sesame seeds. Heat a pan of olive oil on medium-high heat and place the tuna once the pan is hot.

3. Sear the tuna until the outside is cooked, but the inside is still pink (around one minute on each side). Remove tuna from pan and let rest.

4. Cut cherry tomatoes and potato into cubes.

5. Cut the tuna steak into your preferred size.

6. Bring water to a boil and reserve a bowl of ice water on the side. Blanch the asparagus by boiling for 1-2 minutes and placing them in ice water.

7. Keep water boiling.

8. Boil the potato cubes until tender (about 5 minutes).

9. Arrange cooked Jasberry rice, seared tuna, potatoes, asparagus, sliced cherry tomatoes on top of a bed of Jasberry rice, prepared to your liking. Top with scallions (optional).

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