Jasberry Spanish Paella

Have you tried our yummy spicy Jasberry Paella yet? It’s so simple to make! We have replaced the standard rice with Jasberry rice to give it nutty flavors that contrast with the acidic and zesty elements of this Spanish classic. This is the perfect recipe for enjoying Spanish cuisine with a twist in the comfort […]

Lemon Salmon on Jasberry

Watch out, yummy fried rice full of goodness is here! Using Jasberry rice gives this simple recipe a special twist. While being super easy to prepare, this dish has a lot to offer: Antioxidant-rich Jasberry rice, your favorite nutritious veggies and omega 3-rich salmon topped with tangy lemon slices. Everything you need for a delicious […]

Jasberry Black Bean Burger

Need a vegetarian alternative to everyone’s summer BBQ favorite? Look no further. Our Jasberry rice patties with black beans and corn are not only extremely satisfying, but they’re also packed with protein, fibre and flavor. The perfect combination of Jasberry superfood rice with black beans makes them a nutritious treat for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike!

Jasberry Stuffed Pumpkin (Vegan)

Squash and pumpkin are in season! Make the most of these delicious veggies while they last by playing up their naturally nutty flavors with Jasberry rice and crunchy walnuts. Add a few warm spices and tangy-sweet cranberries for the perfect appetizer or hearty side dish. Comfort food at its best!

Pesto Rice Salad

Can’t get enough pumpkin? Take advantage of this wonderful fall season by whipping up our Jasberry rice pumpkin pesto salad! Jasberry’s nutty texture combined with the sweetness of roasted pumpkin and herbal fragrances of pesto creates a luscious salad that will charge your body up with antioxidants and leave you craving for more.

Red Quinoa Jasberry Rice Salad (Vegan)

Looking for a salad that won’t leave you hungry but satisfied and energized? Our Jasberry rice Quinoa salad is just what you need! The combination of Jasberry rice and Red Quinoa layered with sweet and crunchy pomegranate seeds is most-certainly a match made in superfood heaven. Topped with a light and refreshing lemon vinaigrette, this […]

Jasberry Chicken Congee

Good morning! Wake up with a congee bowl packed with antioxidants by replacing white rice with Jasberry superfood rice. Jasberry rice grains make a silky smooth congee that will get you ready for the day!